Meta Kuwait Portal MOH Medical Appointment Booking

The healthcare services have become advanced in Kuwait. Now, the citizens and residents not need to wait longer at any healthcare center or medical fitness test center. They can book an online appointment through Meta Portal and visit the relevant medical center on given time.

3 Ways for Booking Online Medical Appointment Kuwait

  1. At Meta Kuwait Portal
  2. At MOH Kuwait Website
  3. Through Q8Seha App [MOH Kuwait App]

Now, let us understand each method for booking medical appointment online in Kuwait.

MOH Medical Appointment Online at Meta Kuwait Portal

Step 1: Go to Meta Kuwait Portal Website

Meta Kuwait Portal

Kindly open a web browser and go to the official website of Meta Kuwait Portal

Step 2: Login with your Civil ID and Password

Meta Kuwait Portal Login

If you are an existing user, enter your Civil ID Number and Password, then click on Login button. If you are a new user then click on “Register as a New User”, complete the registration process and then login to Meta Kuwait Portal.

Step 3: Select Appointments Search Section

Meta Kuwait Portal

After login, you will land on the Dashboard. Here you need to check the left side panel to find Appointments Search section. You should click on this section to continue.

Step 4: Choose Ministry of Health

Meta Kuwait Portal

As you select Appointments Search section, a list of various ministries of Kuwait will appear on your screen. Here you should find and select the Ministry of Health option.

Step 5: Select Desired Health Department

Meta Kuwait Portal

The Kuwait Ministry of Health manages many medical and health departments. Depending upon your requirement, you should select your desired health department from which you want to avail a health/medical service.

Step 6: Click on Relevant Health Service

You should check the list of health services available under your selected health department. The click on Apply button for your desired health service and choose your nearest healthcare center to book your appointment.

Step 7: Set Your Medical Appointment Date & Time

Finally, you should set the date and time for your medical appointment MOH in Kuwait. Please choose the date & time that is suitable as per your work schedule and visit concerned healthcare center on time on your appointment day.

Online Medical Appointment at MOH Kuwait Website

Step 1: Go to Kuwait Ministry of Health Official Website

Online Medical Appointment at MOH Kuwait Website

First of all, you need to open a browser and enter the MOH Kuwait web address as to visit its official website. You can also click on this link to go to MOH web portal.

Step 2: Select E-Services Section and Click on All E-Services

Online Medical Appointment at MOH Kuwait Website

On MOH homepage, there are many tabs like Home, About, E-Services, Departments and others. Out of them, you should select E-Services section and click on All E-Services to open relevant web page.

Step 3: Check the Appointments Section

Online Medical Appointment at MOH Kuwait Website

On MOH E-Services Page, you should check the Appointments section given on the right side. There are many medical/healthcare services available for appointment booking at MOH website. So, read the list to find out your desired health service.

Step 4: Click on Your Desired Service for Appointment

Online Medical Appointment at MOH Kuwait Website

Now, you need to click on your desired healthcare service for which you want to book an online appointment. Make sure that you choose the right service.

Step 5: Enter your Civil ID Number and Other Personal Details

Before you book your appointment, you need to provide your personal information. Enter your Civil ID Number, Civil ID Serial Number, Email Address, Mobile Number and other details as asked on the screen.

Step 6: Set Your Appointment Date & Time

After filling up all personal details, you can set your desired date and time for your medical appointment at your nearest healthcare center in Kuwait.

Kuwait MOH Appointment through Q8Seha App

To book your medical appointment through Q8Seha App, you have to download & install the app on your mobile phone.

The Q8Seha App is the official mobile app of Kuwait Ministry of Health (MOH) and it is available on Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone/iPad.

Download Q8Seha App for Android

Download Q8Seha App for iPhone or iPad

Kindly follow the steps given below to book your MOH appointment through Q8Seha App.

Step 1: Open Q8Seha App and Sign In

Q8Seha App

Open the Q8Seha app on your mobile phone and go to login screen. You should sign in with your username/email and password. Thereafter you can book an appointment.

Step 2: Go to E-Health Services Page and Select My Appointments

Kuwait MOH Appointment through Q8Seha App

After login, you need to find E-Health Services and tap on it to go to relevant page. Under E-Health Services, you can see My Appointments section on upper right side, just tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on Schedule Clinical Appointment Option

Kuwait MOH Appointment through Q8Seha App

Here you need to select the first option given as Schedule Clinical Appointment, tap on it to go to the next page.

Step 4: Select New Appointment Option

If you booked an appointment earlier and want to cancel it, you can choose the Cancel Appointment option. In case you did not book any appointment earlier, just tap on New Appointment to continue.

Step 5: Enter Your Personal Information and Tap on Next

On the appointment booking page, you need to enter your personal information including your Civil ID Number, Civil ID Serial Number (given on backside of Civil ID Card), Full Name, Mobile Number and Email Address. After entering all details correctly, tap on Next button.

Step 6: Choose Your Appointment Date, Time and Health Center

You should choose your nearest Health Center and also select the Clinic Type as you prefer. Thereafter set the date and time of your appointment.

Step 7: Tap on Confirm Appointment to Proceed

Select your desired appointment slot and tap on Confirm Appointment to confirm your booking and proceed to generate a code.

Step 8: Save the Reservation Barcode on Your Device

As you confirm your appointment, the system will generate a Unique Reservation Barcode for you. Save this barcode to your device and show it at the health center on your appointment day.

In this way, you can book a medical appointment online through Meta Kuwait Portal, MOH Website and Q8Seha App.


The citizens of Kuwait and the expats can use Meta Kuwait Portal to book online appointments for biometric enrollment, medical test, family visit visa and other government services.

There are 3 different ways for booking a medical appointment in Kuwait. I have explained all 3 methods thoroughly. For more info or queries, you can ask me in the comment box.


Can I book a medical appointment at Meta Kuwait Portal?

Yes, you can book a medical appointment at Meta Kuwait Portal.

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